Not A Nut

Originating from ancient Egypt, Tiger nuts made up about 80% of our Paleo-ancestors diet nearly 2 million years ago. This primal food source grows underground like some other nuts but is actually classified as a tuber instead of a nut.  Also called Chufa, tiger nuts are fortified with beneficial antioxidants. While many countries consider this tuber a weed, in Spain it is widely grown for the purpose of consumption.

Because tiger nuts are not in the nut family, they are completely safe for people with nut allergies to consume. Tiger nuts can be pulverized into a flour that can be used for a variety of baking purposes.

In Spain, a popular sweet, milk-like drink called ‘horchata de chufa' is made from tiger nuts that have first been soaked in water, then blended to a liquid consistency.

Also called nut grass or yellow nutsedge, tiger nuts have many health benefits which have increased their recent surge of popularity in western markets.


Most people lack enough fiber in their diet which can have an impact on regularity, especially in the elderly. A single serving (100 grams) of tiger nuts contains 10 grams of beneficial fiber. Fiber not only helps keep the digestive tract running smoothly but also aids in the removal of cholesterol, fat, and harmful toxins from the body.

By now we have all heard the term Probiotics and their role in our digestive health. Tiger nuts can serve our digestive flora as a Prebiotic which means they are like a superfood for gut bacteria to have plenty of energy to do their job. Regular consumption of tiger nuts in moderate amounts can help reduce excess gas and diarrhea.

A study performed by the Ancient Science of Life used an extract made from tiger nuts and found there to be antibacterial properties against dangerous strains like E. Coli and Salmonella. Therefore, regular consumption may help defend the body against potential bacterial infections.

As mentioned before because tiger nuts have a high amount of antioxidants they can be beneficial in decreasing the damaging effects of oxidative stress on the body's cells. Many health professionals believe that this is where diseases, mainly cancer, get a foothold inside the human body. A diet high in antioxidants can help reduce dangerous, oxygen-free radicals and the risk of several cancers.

A 2015 study found that feeding a diet of tiger nuts to male rats increased their sexual performance. They also noticed decreased intermission times between mating sessions and increased testosterone levels. Scientists indicated that this may also be true for human male sexual performance.


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