This easy to follow red onion recipe introduces some ingredients that you may not have used before.

Rice flour can be a great alternative to your diet, especially if you are gluten-intolerant or have Celiac disease. Experiment with different recipes to see what works best. Also, keep in mind that you may lose a few nutrients, but overall, rice flour is a safe and delicious alternative.

Smoked paprika is a Spanish specialty, made by slowly smoking pimentón (a type of pepper from La Vera, in southwestern Spain) over oak. It's got a well rounded, smoky, woodsy, spicy flavor that's completely different from everyday paprika. It comes in three types, each made from a different variety of pimentón: sweet (Dulce), bittersweet (Agridulce), and hot (Picante). Look for it online if you can't find it in the store; there are a number of mail-order sources that should be able to send it to you.


Preheat 3 cups of oil to 375F (Safflower or Peanut is best).

Peel and slice 1 small red onion in 1/8 inch rings. Separate.

Add onions and 1 Cup of shaken buttermilk into a bowl.

In another bowl add 1 Cup of rice flour. 1/8 Tsp smoked paprika. A dash of salt and pepper.

Coat rings evenly with mixture evenly tap off any excess.

Add the rings to the oil about 5 at a time. Fry for 40-60 seconds until lightly brown. Gently turn them over using tongs and fry for another 40-60 seconds. Cook to desired doneness.

Place onion rings on a paper towel.

Serve and enjoy!

Crispy Red Onion Rings make a delicious appetizer, side dish, or addition to a hamburger any time of the year!


Red colored vegetables which include red onion, provide phytochemicals that are a unique class of anti-oxidants. Phytochemicals such as anthocyanin and lycopene give onions their red or purple color. Foods rich in anti-oxidants can reduce total cholesterol and furthermore the risk of developing coronary artery disease. Some other benefits include reduced urinary/bladder infections and improvements in memory

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